India-Celebrating Indian Style-Part 2-Meeting a Maharaja (Maharao)

Before the parade, we had the privilege of meeting 84 year old, Maharao (Hindu for Maharaja) Brijraj Singh. His family ruled the princedom of Kota from the 17th century to 1949 when India was granted independence from Britain. He is still revered and has served as great influence in his community and government affairs.

Maharao Brijraj Singh

On this special occasion of Dussehra, turbans and finery were the dress of the evening at a reception to pay homage to Maharao Singh and his lineage.

Late arrival getting help with his turban.
Notice the pile of shoes. In India, shoes are not allowed in temples and many other buildings.

We, American tourists, were ushered ahead to greet The Maharao. He was kind and gracious and seemed genuinely glad to meet us. Our tour guide had arranged this special moment and it was yet another great memory of the trip.

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