India-Celebrating, Indian Style, Part 1-Getting Ready for the Parade

I loved India, I think it rates as one of my favorite trips. My senses had to work overtime to take it all in because nothing about the country is ordinary. I was captivated by its intensity and since, I am very visual, I enjoyed feasting on continuous rainbows of color and textures at every turn. Every thing was a surprise and my points of reference expanded as I took in a new ways of seeing life and the world.

I was fortunate to be in Kota, India to celebrate Dussehra, one of Hinduism’s major celebrations. Before the final spectacular fireworks display, I was able to witness the preparations for a parade and meet Brijraj Singh, the 85 year old descendent of a once ruling maharaja.

In a large courtyard, various group gathered.

There were the boys dressed as langurs. I wondered if they were imitating humans who were hired dressed like these primates to scare the aggressive rhesus macaques. These boys really got into the part.

Woman in beautiful native costumes danced.

This was only part one. The Dussehra Festival was unforgettable.

7 thoughts on “India-Celebrating, Indian Style, Part 1-Getting Ready for the Parade

  1. Karen Jordan

    🙏Joyce, it’s so exciting to read each new post, celebrating India. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful vacation! 🎊Happy New Year!🌺

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Thank you, my friend! The journey continues. Because of all I experienced in India, I am taking yoga, a mindfulness class and a breath and meditation class this winter. I want to partake of some of the Indian traditions but also I want to enhance my health so I can keep exploring and learning. Happy New Year, Karen!


  2. Richard Van Zandt

    What a colorful cultural experience. There are many paths to the divine energy of the universe. Ritual makes the invisible , visible. However, I most likely draw the line of dressing up like a monkey. Listen , after the Hinduism lecture, I went the next day to the Sunday service of the lLiving Spiritual Center. It was an upbeat non- denominational program including a great deal of song, hand clapping and humor. Nothing sedate or boring about the entire program. The minister, Ken Wilcox is a large effusive energetic man who wows everyone with a positive sermon interspersed with affirmation of the greatness and miracle of life. He preaches love and compassion for all living beings and has led the congregation in supporting all religious expression. I suggest you go next Sunday to experience the energy and joy expressed by the congregation and their leader. At 9:30 they have 30 minutes of meditation and a 10 am the Sunday service begins. There were 150 happy people in attendance. After the service everyone was invited to share in coffee and goodies. Also every first time visitor receives a gift bag of a mug, a pen and a tiny Twix candy bar. Next week different eccentric gifts. It is a hoot. Congregation comprised of socially progressive and intelligent individuals in the spirit of the transandentalists who see contradiction in belief in the tenets of science and the embrace of a divine presence in all of the Universe.

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Hi, Dick. I have been going to CSL off and on for the last few years. I agree with everything you said. I wish I had a church like this back home. I love the inclusion and openness to all paths.


  3. Wished I had been there with you as I love all cultural events and Dusshera would have been right up my alley with festive sounds of music, colors, dances, costumes and FOOD…. I am sure the REAL monkeys participated as well😉
    Enjoying the zinfian adventure as well.

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