About Me

This is me in Newfoundland in October 2017. Sometimes it was rainy and foggy but as you can see I was prepared. I love traveling. I think my smile tells it all.

I’m a person who has evolved from a shy frightened little girl to an adventurous woman who travels the world. My life has been a “change reaction”, a slow step by step accumulation of experiences and observations that make me stronger everyday. I’m a grandmother and retired teacher with an enthusiastic interest and a degree in the social sciences. I have started this blog to tell the stories of the places I’ve been but also to relay concepts of personal growth such as resiliency, courage, and a positive attitude. I want to help people, especially woman, get out of their comfort zones and have a passionate love affair with the world as they put down their screens and look to really see. My wish is for more people to explore our planet and better understand the journeys of other human beings, past and present. My hope is that everyone has the opportunity to learn the lessons the world and their souls are ready to reveal to them.