70/7000 A Bar in a Church and a Grizzly Bear

Days 57-60  August 21-24, 2001

Heading home but still taking in the sights.


I took this picture of  The Mint Bar built inside a church in Sundance, Montana.  Ironic? Amazing?  Amusing?  “The Wild West” is quite the place!

grizley bear

I stopped at the Cabela’s Store in Billings, stood under a stuffed grizzly bear, and learned that adult bears average 8 feet tall and weigh 900 pounds. I think what upset me the most were the very long , sharp nails on the paws. So glad I never met one of these creatures.  I now have a very healthy fear of them.

One thought on “70/7000 A Bar in a Church and a Grizzly Bear

  1. I appreciate your healthy fear of our great big animal kingdom. Because a 4 legged fuzzi is beyond cute doesn’t mean it will appreciate our cooing to it. We could be a nice appetizer if not an entire meal…. let’s not go there. Traveling afford us the luxury of amazing sights and learning.
    Keep on mini-vanning!

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