A Menopausal Odyssey ? (Day 6)

June 28, 2001

I woke up in a tent this morning.  Did what I always do when I camp; build a fire, make a cup of coffee, and read.

Peace finally. Time to think.


I am 52.  I’m a menopausal woman.  I guess I got through it okay, physically.  Hot flashes. Once on a 10 degree day, I drove to school with the air conditioner on.  And then when my second graders went to gym I opened all the windows in my classroom.  I’m now eating old peoples’s bran cereal every morning to keep me regular. I started getting a troll doll belly about a year ago.  I remember the original troll dolls from my childhood. They had jewels in their belly buttons.  Now in the morning when I get out of the shower, I  look at my body and wonder what would suit me better, a subtle turquoise stone or a sparkly red ruby.

Midlife crisis.  Is this trip a way to prove that I am still young or is it a urgent flight against the passing of time?  I am having a hard time with the psychological part of the menopause.  I’m no longer “cute”and I don’t  get the looks I used to. My confidence is low. Am I a crone now?

I remember Day 4 sailing with M.H. and writing about the power of words. Old. Crone. Menopause.  Are these wrinkled, dried up, slow moving, stifling words part of my new reality, my new way of life?  Or is it just a meno-PAUSE before something else? I have 64 more days to figure it out.



8 thoughts on “A Menopausal Odyssey ? (Day 6)

  1. Terry Drake

    Rest assured, we’ve all been there. Thanks for helping me smile about the memories, and at the same time, feel better about my physique!!!


  2. Michèle

    You’re so funny: which jewel to garnish your belly button… Yap! MenOpause… that marked a time in my life when after a few undesirable experienced a gave Men a pause from my life. Frankly, I rarely miss them. … life goes on and women friends now are my preferred companions for travel, cooking class, outings on the town, card games, entertaining each other and retelling our stories and that of our children. Hélas, yes the body is beautiful in a rather droopier way but I count my blessing to be healthy and having the energy to do what I eant or need to do. Life is good😉


  3. Tawnya Richelieu

    This fits me to a t. I’m 47 quickly approaching 48. With Andrea attending Plattsburgh this fall I will have an empty nest. I’ve spent the majority of my life raising my children and to have them all out on their own is bitter sweet. I’m proud of the adults they’ve become but sad for missing the babies they once were. I feel like I’m embarking on a new adventure. Well, that’s how I’m looking at it. Thanks for the blogs. You have such a talent for recounting the events in your life.

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Thank you so much. You have done such a great job with your daughters, you deserve many wonderful adventures!


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