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On a whim I took an adult education class at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. About eight weeks ago, I started this blog.
I am a snowbird. When my world up north turns grey, black, and brown I head south. But now that I hear that the snow is melting and spring in North Country is ready to burst forward, I am ready to go home.
I have been busy for a few weeks getting ready for the transition. The list is long.
(1) Packing
(2) Making sure my taxes are done and bills are paid.
(3 ) Cleaning my rental condo.
(4 ) Getting the oil changed in my van.
(5)  Making reservations for next year.
(6)  Buying Florida souvenirs for my family.
(7)  Saying ‘good bye” to short term winter acquaintances who have become just as valued as lifelong friends.
(8)  Wandering around St. Augustine one more time, wishing there was a way to put it in a box and take it out during the cold, rainy days up north.
(9)  Noticing birds. A scarlet tangier in a tree near my condo. A hawk perched on a fence downtown and wondering if he, too, will be leaving this ancient city to go north. Watching, for over a hour, a morning dove seeking shelter from the ocean winds on my balcony.
(10)  Wondering if the dose of culture and learning infused into me during this one quarter of a year has made me a different person.
(11)  Worrying about losing what I have become. I have wanted to be writer since I was a little girl. I would sit in front of the family typewriter eager to tap the keys and create wonderful stories. But I hadn’t lived enough, hadn’t seen enough. Now I have. I am no longer afraid of a blank page. I just jump in, and rely on my instincts to know what works and what doesn’t. And then I revise, revise, revise. I am going to write. I am going to continue this blog. I have to. I think I now have the courage.
(12)  Stop worrying!!!!!
I need to be out of my condo at 10:00 am on Saturday. Home is 1300 miles away. I am a traveler once again. A stranger with no titles, no name. No expectations, no  plan. Just a woman finding peace in being.

5 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. Pat

    I so enjoy your blogs! You put my thoughts about traveling into words,well done. Safe travels, I leave on “our” birthday! So Happy early birthday, see you soon!!

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  2. Paula Trainham

    I just read your blog. I’m glad I did. You will always be Joyce, which is good, but you keep getting better. I think travel does change a person’s outlook. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and spending time with those who are already friends. You can expand your knowledge,
    share your experiences, and come home to people who love you. It’s all good!

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  3. Richard and Sheila Van Zandt

    We can think of no friend more suitable for writing a travel blog than you Joyce . You have the inquisitive, restless spirit and intellectual curiosity that will add to the excitement of discovery in all of your blogs. Thank you for sharing with us your incisive and colorful observations on human contact and the beauty of Mother Earth and all her fragile interconnections. We look forward to sharing the wonders of the roads travelled with you. Dick and Sheila Van Zandt.

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