NonPolitical Rantings from a Covid Captive

Many times over the past few years, I’d say 7 or 8 times, I have received phone calls from my political party asking for a donation. Each time I’ve told the the solicitor that I wouldn’t give money unless I could talk to someone about my concerns. All 7 or 8 times no one ever bothered calling me back.

Politics in our country has been reduced to raising campaign money, getting elected and then fighting with the other elected people while not getting much done. This cycle seems to repeat itself over and over again.

Because of the pandemic, I believe that traditional politics no longer serve us. The virus has reduced everything to the study of sociology and human needs, in other words, people. We are in trouble as a species because of our inability to work together. Our shared destiny and our ability to survive as a functioning society is in danger.

I came to this realization on July 18. And if I may, I will offer myself as a case study to show how I came to this conclusion.

 Positive cases in my county went from 111 on July 11 to 145 on July 17     I was angry at the people along the river who partied in large unmasked groups around an island and on a beach on the St. Lawrence River. They were young and didn’t seem to care about my county and or the fact that   I had spent 10 weeks at home in lockdown during the spring.

With the rising cases, my emotional fear alarm went off as I consider my options. Would there be another shutdown?    I scanned my environment. A heat spell was coming. Also, I’m 71 and even though I have great health I’m in the risk category. So, I made a plan. 

 I woke up at 6 am to avoid the heat and the crowds.    First, I went to Walmart 15 miles away to get more meat to put in my freezer. When I went a week ago to the store’s grocery pickup they were all out of the ground turkey I thought I had reserved.  I came back home and was able to store a good supply of available meat in my freezer. I felt satisfied that my stash of supplies was now quite adequate.   

Next to the recycling center. We don’t have garbage pick up in my rural area. It felt good to have my recyclables and trash out of the house. 

My basic needs were taken care of and I felt relieved. If the uptick in cases keeps going up, I was confident that I had all I needed to stay home again. I worry, as all Americans do, that another shutdown is coming.  

Today, July 27, the positive cases in my rural county have reached 185, 12 new cases added over the weekend.

Worrying about my basic needs reminded me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, something I learned about in my training to become a teacher.

To become the best we can be, we first have to have our basic physical needs met, food, shelter, water, clothes. These things are essential to keep us alive. That is why I’m making sure I have food in case of another shutdown or because of a break in the supply chain.

Next comes a sense of safety and stability, freedom from harm including death from disease and/or social unrest.

Then there is love and belonging. Our present situation is separating us from friends and family.

These three important factors for human well being are being threatened by Covid-19. The world is in trouble.

Political parties and political bickering are insane when our country is facing life and death issues. There has to be a major shift. The time for candidates to ask us for support and money is gone! The question now is how are the people running this country going to protect and save us? We need that answer.

10 thoughts on “NonPolitical Rantings from a Covid Captive

  1. Billie Barker

    I had many of these same thoughts just yesterday after listening to the news. Our government, under our current president has had no problem spending money on God knows what. Now, when we as a nation need them, money is a problem. I just don’t get it. We need guidance, a cohesive plan, and leadership. None of that is available.

    I’m in mission tx. I started noticing that our COVID numbers were kind of wonky with the state and John Hopkins tracking site. The state changed the method of tracking information and apparently our county didn’t get the memo. I’m just so tired of this lack of responsibility and communication. This goes to the top.

    Stay safe.

    On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 7:27 PM The Autonomous Traveler wrote:

    > The Autonomous Traveler posted: ” Many times over the past few years, I’d > say 7 or 8 times, I have received phone calls from my political party > asking for a donation. Each time I’ve told the the solicitor that I > wouldn’t give money unless I talked to someone in the party about my > concer” >

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      I’m sorry I took so long to get back to you. I hit a Covid slump which is odd for me because I’m a pretty upbeat person. I’ve been contacted by political candidates recently and I’ve been trying to relate to them how most Americans feel. Something is wrong with our culture, with the way we think and operate in society. Is it just money, power, and greed that moves the engine? Keep up the good fight, Billie. More and more people are are awakening. More and more light is shining on the dark corners of the political process. Stay safe, stay well, stay strong! Joyce


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