70/7000 Putting on Some Miles and My Last Night

Days 63-68  August 27-September 1, 2001

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ontario. Putting on the miles to get home before school started, I didn’t set up camp each night but slept in the van.  I used a chair by a campfire in the evenings and made coffee each morning on my vintage Bernzomatic stove. Down to the basics, my journey is ending.

On Day 66 ( Thursday, August 30) I realized I was 90 miles from home. I felt this wasn’t right. I told everyone I was leaving on the Saturday after school let out and returning on the  Saturday before school started again. I really wanted to go home but my poetic soul and my  stubborn  inflexibility would not allow it. I set up camp, tent and all.


And only on Saturday, September 1, 2001, did I allow myself to go home.


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