70 Days, 7000 Miles, Day 23

July 17, 2001


Today I crossed The Crow Indian Reservation. I drove 44 miles through a vast, dry western landscape with no towns or houses. It frightened me because I didn’t see any vehicles either. I rode out the fear because I knew God was with me. I was very much alone and very much in His hands. I willed myself to be alright and I made it.  Thankfully, it was His will, too.

I remember one time, my mom who had a strong, faith told me not to mention God so much.  My dad, a WWII vet, used to say that there were no atheists in foxholes.  I have people in my life who would find my reliance on a supernatural presence very weird. “Live and let live” is my mantra. I expect the same. I am steadfast in my beliefs and they have served me well.

I took a citified day in Billings, Montana. I got my oil changed, my hair cut and shopped for a long time in a Super Walmart. After driving through small towns with little stores, going to Walmart was like visiting a very interesting museum. I walked down the aisles admiring the colorful packaging and the variety of spending possibilities.  It made me realize what years of American consumerism had done to me.


I stayed in a KOA campsite that evening.  I felt like a vagrant with my tent among the large RV’s. They were the size of buses and had dragged behind them expensive vehicles which were way more classier than my used Dodge minivan. Needless to say, I didn’t feel as comfortable in this campgrounds as I had at the Cottonwood.

2 thoughts on “70 Days, 7000 Miles, Day 23

  1. The Crow Indian Reservation… Yes I too would have been a little anxious to cross it, not for the encounters but for the fear of a car breakdown and no one coming for help for a long time…. yes, I’d pray to God to be moving along in the best conditions possible and would have been super greatful upon meeting civilization again. I can relate to your consumer dizziness while meandering Walmart’s alleys. On our last extra day in St.John’s, NL our hotel being across the street from Costco, I easily convinced Heather to check out the differences with our Ottawa ones. Well, we wanted to spend no more than 1 hour which turned out to be a whole morning… and yes, we managed to add to our luggage: NL 2019 calendars, souvenir of our trip all year long, a red long sleeve T-shirt, and a book ‘Growing up next to Mental’ by Brian Callahan (NL author) all way cheaper than the souvenir boutiques we visited along our 2967 km excursion. I agree with you that camping in a tent at our age certainly reveal the status of our spending possibilities but I don’t camp enough to afford all these expensive equipment and cars. If I had all this spending budget, I’d travel more and bring the grand-daughters around the world.

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