Travel Camera(s)-My Opinion


I have three cameras, two identical Canon Power Shot 1300s and a Cannon Power Shot 570. I  purchased them all on Ebay and I took all the pictures on The Autonomous Traveler with them except one picture for my story about Poland. I had to get that picture from the internet since all my Poland pictures were taken with film.

Why this choice of cameras?

(1) I wanted a camera with a viewer window.  In bright sunlight,  I can’t see what I am shooting.

(2) I wanted something small so I would always have one with  me, either in my purse or in my pocket. You never know what you are going to come upon.

geese license plate

(3) I always keep the silver A570 in the car.  I have a spare 1300 because I am always leaving a camera at my grandkids’ house.  I love taking pictures. When I am cameraless, it always seems like I’m missing out on some terrific shots.

(4) I stretched my travel budget by buying used on Ebay. I rather spend my money on experiences instead of things.

(5) All three cameras are battery operated. I have never had a problem getting more batteries in other countries but I have fried a few of my devices in foreign electrical outlets.

(6) I carry extra SDHC cards in my wallet.  This grandma tends to leave them in the computer when she leaves the house.

I know there are much, much better cameras than mine but I like to travel light and ready.


      Show geese going to a competition by way of  The NYS Thruway.  October 2015

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