Going to India


India has been on my list of trips for awhile but what finally made me decide to go  was a Hindu celebration held  in St. Augustine in April.  I loved the color and joy I witnessed.  I told one of the participants about my travel list and was given prayer beads and enthusiastic encouragement to choose India.

I am a lifelong learner who knows little about Hinduism.  I have paid my deposit and reserved my place for “The Mystical India” tour with Odyssey Tours. I will be going in the fall.  After my 17 day trip, I will have many pictures and observations to share on this blog.



6 thoughts on “Going to India

    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Thanks, Hank. Traveling is more than souvenirs. The experiences become part of who we are. We are changed forever.


  1. Richard Van Zandt

    India has always been high on my spiritual list. As a Buddhist , India is of course the birth place of Siddhartha Gautama , the original Buddha as well as Hindihism , Jainism and Sikhism. My step Grandfather was born there during his Father’s service in British Army. So, I’ve had a long time interest in that spiritual powerhouse of a nation. A word of caution . From friends who have visited , western hygiene is not of high priority and intestinal discomfort to put it mildly, is quite common. One should exercise caution as to what one consumes and where it is consumed. It will make your voyage more favorably memorable. Enlightenment is achievable in many locations . The lavatory however is not high on the list. Be sure to get the appropriate inoculations and drink only that comes in a bottle and from a recognized source. Have a safe and enlightening journey . We are anxious to hear your observations. The Van Zandts.

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      I am so excited to go. I have a feeling there are many things there I need to learn and know. I am spiritual and open to all paths. Thanks for the tips. I think I have all my shots. Needed them when I went to China. Thank you for your continued interest in my blog. It means a lot to me.


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