Staunton, Virginia….WOW!


For eight years, on my snowbird travels to and from Florida I  passed Staunton, Virginia on Interstate 81 and thought that someday I should visit the Woodrow Wilson Library. I  love history.  Ever since my trip to Barcelona, Spain I have been interested in the events of the early  1900’s. The Spanish artists, Gaudi , Miro and Picasso, introduced me to Age of Modernism, a time of progressive politics , modern art, and new ways of thinking. This time period was also  marked by World War I and Woodrow Wilson played a big part in it.

The Woodrow Wilson Museum was excellent.  I took part in a tour of his birthplace and walked through the exhibit that told about his life. Part of the museum allowed me to stand in a replica of a WWI trench and gain insights into what it was like to be a soldier  in that war.

The added bonus of my stay was Staunton itself, a city filled with beautiful architecture and Victorian charm. I was amazed to find out about the community’s cultural events which included musical performances and Shakespearean plays every week through out the year. I loved the quaint coffee shops, art galleries, antique places, and  lovely stores. My obsession with books was satisfied at The Black Swan Book store where I bought three used books in excellent condition at a great price. But the thing I like most about  Staunton was its people. They were kind and welcoming. I am definitely going back next year.


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