Call Out to My Readers-How do you stay organized at the airport?

Airline confirmation, boarding passes, luggage ticket. Put the car and house keys in a safe place, keep ID and/or passport safe but handy, toiletries in clear quart bag. Need a snack? Be sure to put  debit card back in  wallet. Take off  shoes and jacket and put them in the bin. Can’t see the boarding pass. Blood pressure going up. Found it under one shoe. Hurry, hurry. Keep moving. Gather jacket. Kindle back in the purse. Many parts. Don’t leave anything behind. Cell phone? One more time, boarding pass, where are you? Yes! Second one in jacket pocket? Sure hope so!

Airline travel can be stressful. Readers, do you have any advice about how you get through the boarding process? A special purse or pouch? I have a really nice LL Bean travel blazer with hidden zipped inner pockets for my passport. It is made out of no wrinkle fabric which always looked great even after I sat on it for hours on the airplane. Unfortunately, the blazer is stating to look a little dated. Do you have any input on travel jackets or vests? I will post a link in the next few days about a travel scarf with a zippered pocket. I am going to buy one and check it out. I know many of you are creative and hope you will share your problem solving ideas.

2 thoughts on “Call Out to My Readers-How do you stay organized at the airport?

  1. Beth

    I travel with a back pack in which I put my purse, I’d, pass port, etc. This is considered my one piece carry on. When I arrive in my seat I use it as a foot rest. It is small enough to fit under the seat so I have whatever I need handy, books, water magazines etc. I also carry a cross body tech bag which is considered my purse to tea. In it I carry all my technology. Happy Trails🌸

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  2. I use a cross body travel purse with zippers and everything has it’s place. So easy to get anxious about where everything is so I am deliberate about it. My jacket has zippers, inside and outside and so do my light weight travel pants. Zippers deter thieves in subways. I like North Face jackets that are multifunctional and Columbia travel pants. REI is a favorite place for getting travel organization items.

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