Hints for Women Travelers-#3 Yes, Things Might Go Wrong. Go Anyway!

Doubts.  Especially the night before a trip.  Will my car or the plane have mechanical problem?  What if I lose my passport or someone steals my wallet?  What if I get injured half way through the trip?  What if no one understands English? What if I get lost and nobody helps me?

My adult children are world travelers. I remember hearing their lists of fears before trips that mirrored my own doubts. Because of them, I have learned to acknowledge calmly this frenzied accounting of doom and gloom and sternly tell my imaginative mind to go on the adventure anyway. This is now our family traveling mantra.

Sometimes the biggest regrets in life are the adventures and opportunities we didn’t take.


One thought on “Hints for Women Travelers-#3 Yes, Things Might Go Wrong. Go Anyway!

  1. Tammy

    The “what if’s” hold us back for most of our lives if we listen to them, but thankfully experience and wisdom are better teachers for our souls. They allow us to live life fully. I kind of think what if’s are excuses.
    I like your thinking lady! Keep blogging! I’m diggin’ it.

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