Can We Exist without Lists? Tell Me about Yours …

In the next few weeks, I will be posting a list of important points for solo women travelers. I use lists a lot because they help me stay me focused and organized. They allow me to record tasks that I might forget later, especially when getting ready for a trip. I’m not so overwhelmed with big problems or projects when I break them down in little steps. Lists are great for bloggers and writers as a way of presenting important ideas in manageable doses. I would like to hear from you, my readers, about your list making. Not just for traveling but as a tool for getting through the journey of life. Do you make them at a certain time of the day? On whiteboards, notebooks, or Post-it Notes? Do you get a feeling of triumph like I do when I cross off a job or, better yet, throw the whole completed list away? “D.O.N.E!!” The happy battle cry of a busy woman.

10 thoughts on “Can We Exist without Lists? Tell Me about Yours …

    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      I will be returning to my beachglass hunting place this summer. You should join me. Let me know. Thanks for your interest in my blog, my high school friend!


  1. years ago I was taught a memory system which I use in case I lose my written lists (which I’ve been known to do) the numbers 1-20 are each associated with a picture, the objects on my “list” are associated with those pictures…1=mouse running up the clock 2=pair of pants 3= 3 legged milking stool 4= table 5= 5 star newspaper 6=6 cylinder car and on up through 20. Then I picture an unusual picture connecting the two >>>> for example my grocery shopping list is done thus: remember a bottle of olive oil I picture a mouse running up a clock and sliding down because the clock has oil spilled on it. 2. to remember yogurt I picture a pair of pants with a tall container of yogurt in each pant leg 3. to remember bread I picture a stool with a loaf of bread for each of the legs. and so on ….I have a picture that represents each number up through 20 permanently established in my mind.. This system of lists has held up for about 50 years for me

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      This is just the kind of sharing I will love to see on my blog. I hope as time goes on, this will be a place for us to help and support each other. Jo, you are terrific!


    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Yes, Donna! Thanks so much. Promotion is essential but hard. When you start grant writing I would like to support you with your adventure. Again, thank you very much.


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