India-The Huge Monkey Problem

There are two types of monkeys in India and they are protected by law since a great majority of the country’s population is Hindu and believe in the interconnectedness of all life.

There are the Langurs, the bigger monkey of the two. They have grey white bodies and black faces and seem to be the gentler group. Although, I approached one and he bared his teeth at me. But when you think about it, a rare and strange American tourist might be a little unnerving to a poor creature that had never seen one before.

Some Indians workshop Hanuman, the half man, half monkey god and feel that it is good karma to feed the monkeys. This really adds to the proliferation of these primates.

The real villains of this story are the Rhesus Macaques, smaller creatures with brown fur.

Don’t be taken in by their cuteness. They break into houses, steal food, bathe in water supplies, terrorize the natives and tourists, and the braver ones bite. They are capable of transmitting rabies and a fatal type of herpes but this is very rare. However, a bite wound from a Rhesus almost always becomes infected. And in 2007, the Deputy Major of Delhi fell off the balcony of his home and died when a gang of monkeys attacked him.

Over the years, many attempts have been made to stop the monkey problem. Langurs were used by monkey chasers to scare the Rhesus away but a animal rights group stopped this saying it was cruel to use the gray monkeys in this way. Now the monkey chasers use slingshots to ineffectively pursue offenders. The government is looking into some kind of contraceptive program but right now the monkeys of India seem to rule.

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7 thoughts on “India-The Huge Monkey Problem

  1. I am an animal lover but being over taken by them is not something I encourage. Animals need to be respected indeed and certainly humans have overtaken much of their habitat, it would be natural that since India is in great majority Buddhist it should provide an alternative habitat for their monkey population. I’m dreaming as it has enough problems dealing with its human population😉

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Hi, Josh. I respect your opinion. I loved India. I was careful to stay away from the aggressive monkeys but loved the people there, the sights, and the culture. All the best to you. I invite you to look at my other posts about India.


  2. Eric Lance

    My son traveled to India a couple of years ago but he didn’t mention the huge monkeys . America of course remains first in this regard. Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a discussion about the membership of the Supreme or the U.S. origin of King Kong. Seriously contraceptive bananas might be the solution for the people of Delhi and the US. as well.

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    1. The Autonomous Traveler

      Eric, Thanks for your comment. We need to start working together on solutions for the root problems in this world. We need to leave power, greed, and control behind us and start saving our society.


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