Hints for Women Travelers- #2 Don’t Go Down Dark Alleys at 2:00 in the Morning

Use common sense and listen to your mother or, in my case, to my grown daughter who made me promise before my solo camping trip across the US and Canada not get into a car or boat with anyone I didn’t know.
When I travel, I get up early to take advantage of the best part of the day. I treat myself to a nice lunch, sometimes a glass of wine. (A lunch meal is usually a lot cheaper than dinner.) After a full day of walking and sightseeing, I am ready for some relaxation time in my room. I stop at a shop that sells groceries to buy bottled water and some nutritious snacks. I like some quiet time to reflect on the day, do some writing, check and send emails, and do some reading about the area I’m in. I also use this time to decide what I might see and do the next day.
Each person and situation is different. In Krakow, Poland I just happened to be in town for the annual music festival. The streets around my hotel were well lit and the night concerts were around the square where there was heavy foot traffic.
If you want to go out for dinner or an event there are always taxis. Ask the people at your hotel to help you set that up.
Woman are intuitive. Listen to your instincts. I taught my grade school students about “stranger danger” and to respect their “uh,oh” feelings when things didn’t seem right. This is good advice for all of us.
Sometimes the most confusing part of a trip is getting from the airport to a hotel. The first thing I do at the airport after I go through customs is go to an ATM machine and get cash in the currency of the country I’m in. I then go down to the transportation area and observe. I look for a established bus service for hotels or a line of taxis that are well marked and part of a company. During my second trip to Poland, someone walked up behind me and asked me if I needed transportation. I declined and went out to the sidewalk and saw the reputable taxis all in a row waiting for customers. That’s how I safely arrived at my lodging.
I also make a habit of asking the taxi driver or the people at the hotel if there is any place locally that I shouldn’t go.
I have never had trouble traveling alone. I use common sense, my intuition, and follow my daughter’s orders.

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